The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods
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March 5, 2017

Directed and written by

Scott Pincus


Gabe Sagherian

Alex Fanelli

Austin Brinser

Eric Gorbaty

Chris Lombardo

Dakota Markle

Sean Larkin

Zion Figueroa

Scott Pincus

Cinematography and editing by

Scott Pincus


Scott Pincus


Bio-Builder Productions

Release Date

March 5, 2017

Running Time

125 minutes

Preceded by

The Search for the Creepy Guy in the Woods

The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods is a full-length film directed, written, filmed and edited by Scott Pincus, serving as the fourth installment in the Creepy Guy in the Woods film series, and the high school graduation project for the film's main cast and crew. The film acts as a semi-reboot to the series, introducing a new story and characters while preserving the canon of the original films. Gabe Sagherian returns in the lead role, while Austin Brinser takes over as The Creepy Guy, who was originally played by Scott Pincus. Alex Fanelli, Dakota Markle, Chris Lombardo, Eric Gorbaty and Sean Larkin round out the film's main cast. Set two years after the third film, Gabe is caught up in a conflict with The Creepy Guy and a demon called Saathi; in the process, he finds himself struggling with his newfound psychic powers while also making new allies and enemies. 

The series originally ended in June 2014 after the release of The Search for the Creepy Guy in the Woodsbut development on a potential fourth film began several months later. For a while, little progress was made on the project, and it remained unofficial until November 2015 when Scott decided the film would serve as his graduation project. The film's production was kept discreet, with no details being unveiled until long after development began. The project was the first major live-action film that Scott has worked on outside the Jurassic Shark series (excluding the Ninjago series). 

Pre-production commenced at the end of 2015, while planning and scriptwriting took place throughout the first half of 2016, with rewrites occurring throughout production. The film was announced in July, with filming starting that month and wrapping in February 2017. The film was set for release on December 14, 2016, but it was bumped up to March 5, 2017 due to an extension in production. The cast members individually presented the project from April to June. A sequel, The Cult of the Creepy Guy in the Woods, is set to conclude the series upon its release on April 26, 2019.


In 2012, two years before Gabe's ordeal, Scott (Scott Pincus), a teenager obsessed with hunting the elusive murderer "Carl Gustav", plans to find him with help from Zion (Zion Figueroa), a mercenary, and teenagers Alex (Alex Fanelli), Sean (Sean Larkin), Chris (Chris Lombardo), Eric (Eric Gorbaty) and his friend Roger (Brody Hall). Alex confronts Gustav (Austin Brinser) on his own, and he warns Alex to call off the hunt. Alex fails to do so, and Gustav kills Roger and several hunters. Zion tells the survivors that Roger's body will be used as Gustav's to pretend he died. Scott manipulates Eric into summoning a demon, Saathi (Dakota Markle), to exact vengeance on Roger's killer. Eric finds that Saathi has supernatural powers, as well as a past with Gustav. He leads Eric to become friends with a teenager who has "connections" to Gustav. 

Four years later, the teenager, Gabe (Gabe Sagherian), has moved past his ordeal with The Creepy Guy, a.k.a. Carl Gustav. Gabe has since discovered he's somehow gained psychic abilities. After Gabe has a nightmare where Saathi fights The Creepy Guy, his friend Dakota (Dakota Markle) asks Alex to help Gabe. Alex suggests they go searching for The Creepy Guy so Gabe can have peace of mind. Eric and Gabe meet with Alex, Sean and Chris. Eric opts to ally with the demon and kill The Creepy Guy, but the group disagrees; they deign to find The Creepy Guy to settle the conflict between him and Gabe. 

The five of them venture into the woods and confront The Creepy Guy. Panicked, Gabe runs off and the group loses sight of him. The next day, Gabe encounters Saathi, who reveals his alliance with Eric. Saathi reveals The Creepy Guy has psychic powers, and that Gabe's brother, who had been missing, died years ago. The two go to a dark lake where Saathi helps Gabe control his powers. Sean and Chris join forces with The Creepy Guy, while Alex finds Eric, who betrays him. Saathi explains to Gabe that The Creepy Guy went insane after failing to control his powers. Chris arrives at the lake with The Creepy Guy, who fights Saathi before Gabe intervenes. Saathi leaves, and Gabe flees once more. The Creepy Guy speaks with Gabe via the astral plane, and explains how Saathi corrupted him and he'll do the same with Gabe, causing him to release a dark power called negative energy that strengthens Saathi. He vows to help Gabe fight Saathi and save Eric. 

Eric meets with Saathi, who intends to tell Gabe the "truth" about his brother. Sean interrupts their meeting and Saathi uses his powers to rupture Sean's mind, killing him. As the group reunites in a clearing, Saathi intervenes and traps Gabe in the astral plane, where he struggles with bringing Gabe back to his cause. Saathi reveals that The Creepy Guy is Gabe's brother, which leaves him in a state of disbelief as Saathi discreetly corrupts him with his powers. Gabe wakes up and confronts his brother, Austin, who he attacks; Chris fights Eric while trying to make him see the demon for who he really is. During the conflict, Eric betrays Saathi, who strangles and kills Chris.

Gabe retreats to Sawmill Road and yearns for his brother to confront him alone. Eric goes to Sawmill Road to redeem Gabe, while Alex and The Creepy Guy confront Saathi. Eric tries reasoning with Gabe, who repeatedly attacks him as Saathi and Austin battle each other. Although Saathi strikes down The Creepy Guy, Eric redeems Gabe. Saathi teleports to the scene, clashing with them and wounding Eric. Austin and Alex arrive, with Gabe and Austin fighting Saathi. Gabe traps Saathi in the astral plane, where they fight until Saathi makes Gabe lose control. In a final effort to defeat Saathi, Gabe closes the astral plane after saying goodbye to his brother, and he is lost. Feeling he has nothing left, The Creepy Guy walks into the woods alone. 

Five months later, Alex visits Gabe's grave, and meets with Dakota to talk about what happened. During their conversation, Zion arrives; having heard the full story of The Creepy Guy, Zion seeks to bring him home. Alex agrees to help, and Zion asks when he'll be ready. 


Main CastEdit

  • Gabe Sagherian as Gabe Sagherian, a teenager who has a notorious past with The Creepy Guy. In this film, Gabe discovers he has psychic powers, and seeks answers regarding The Creepy Guy and an uncanny demon, Saathi. Gabe was the main protagonist of the original trilogy, and he is the only actor to return in a major role.
  • Austin Brinser as The Creepy Guy, a mysterious person who resides in the woods, where he has tormented Gabe. He was given the codename "Carl Gustav", as no one knew his identity. He was played by Scott Pincus in the original trilogy, but Austin Brinser was cast so that Scott could focus on directing. It is revealed that The Creepy Guy has psychic powers, and Saathi had corrupted him into a murderous psychopath. Austin played the character physically and also recorded dialogue in post-production. 
  • Alex Fanelli as Alex, a teenager who is called to Gabe's aid, helping him to further understand The Creepy Guy. Alex was once involved in a search for The Creepy Guy that ended in a massacre. He is a new character in the film, and one of its main protagonists. 
  • Eric Gorbaty as Eric, a teenager who is friends with Gabe. Eric went out searching for The Creepy Guy along with his best friend Roger. During the search, The Creepy Guy killed Roger, prompting Eric to summon a demon named Saathi to exact vengeance. Eric struggles with his role in the conflict, on whether to seek revenge or help Gabe. 
  • Dakota Markle as Saathi, a demonic entity with supernatural powers that allow him to communicate telepathically and access the astral plane. Saathi was once worshipped by a cult, and fought against The Creepy Guy long ago. He is summoned by Eric, who wants to avenge his friend Roger. Saathi has Eric bring Gabe closer to him, allowing him to use Gabe against The Creepy Guy.
    • Dakota Markle plays the demon physically, while Scott Pincus voices the character. Chris Lombardo, Zion Figueroa and Alex Fanelli played the demon when Dakota was absent from filming. 
  • Chris Lombardo as Chris, a teenager who is best friends with Sean and an associate of Alex, whom he and Sean join in his quest to help Gabe. Chris is a new character in the film, and one of the supporting protagonists. 
  • Sean Larkin as Sean, a teenager who is best friends with Chris and an associate of Alex, whom he and Chris join in his quest to help Gabe. Sean is a new character in the film, and one of the supporting protagonists. 

Supporting CastEdit

  • Scott Pincus as Scott, a teenager obsessed with hunting for The Creepy Guy. Scott was the narrator of the first film and a major character in  the third film. Four years before the film's main events, Scott sends out a group of people to hunt The Creepy Guy, and helps set the film's story in motion (years before his death) when he has Eric summon Saathi. 
  • Zion Figueroa as Zion, a teenager who worked with Scott to hunt the elusive Creepy Guy. Since production on the film began, Zion Figueroa was sought after to have a role in the film. He was originally planned to play a main character, but was later given a smaller role. 
  • Brody Hall as Roger, Eric's best friend who goes out searching for The Creepy Guy during the film's opening flashback. This was Brody's first time working with Scott. 
  • Dakota Markle as Dakota, a minor character who is friends with Gabe. Dakota is the only actor in the film who plays two characters, the other being Saathi. 
  • Ryan Bowman as Maxwell, a young police officer who helps Scott hunt for The Creepy Guy. This is the final film of Ryan Bowman, who was expelled from Scott's projects in February 2017. He previously played a character in the third film that bears no relation to this one. 
  • Ryan Grier as Grier, a hunter who searches for The Creepy Guy during the opening flashback. 
  • Jacob Lutz as Lutz, a hunter who searches for The Creepy Guy during the opening flashback. This was Jacob's first time working with Scott. 


Early IdeasEdit

In 2013, when Scott first went into high school, all the students in his grade were required to submit a Graduation Project by the time they graduate in 2017. However, for multiple reasons, the graduation project was no longer a mandatory requirement in order to graduate. In 2014, when Scott entered tenth grade, the project became mandatory once more, with the proposal forms for the projects being due on November 15 of the students' Junior year. While working on Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution, Scott began planning out the film, although little progress was made, with him and Gabe Sagherian occassionally pitching ideas for original concepts throughout September 2014. Initially, the film was set to take a very different approach compared to Scott's other projects, with the first major concept being a focus on drugs and the effect they have on people. The concept would be set around several high school students and the film would follow how their lives are changed by the use of the drugs. Eventually, Scott grew very displeased with this concept, feeling the film would be too dark and that he wouldn't be able to make such a depressing project. In early 2015, planning for the project continued, with Scott and Gabe eventually developing a new concept (through sharing each other's ideas) that was later confirmed as being the premise for the project. However, the concept soon fell apart, with Scott describing it as "a mess of ideas that never tied together, the story never worked". 

After over a year of discreet planning, without any announcements for it, the film was officially announced on October 23, 2015. On October 24, Scott confirmed that the project is set to begin filming in the summer of 2016, with the current release date being December 14, 2016. Scott also confirmed that major actors such as Russell Parkinson and Jacob Doerr will not be participating in the project, as Jacob is doing a separate project and Russell doesn't have to do one. Unlike his previous projects, Scott will also be composing an original score for the film, as he wants to give the film a sense of originality and independence. In August 2015, Scott began composing themes for the film.

Finalizing Concepts - CastingEdit

On November 4, 2015, Scott talked with Gabe about making a major change in the film's story, and the two came to an agreement. Though it was not announced until July of the following year, they agreed that the film would be a fourth installment in The Creepy Guy in the Woods Film Series. On November 5, Scott was the first person in the group to submit his proposal. The following day, he confirmed that Ryan Bowman won't have a role in the film, as he will do a separate project. The same day, Alex Fanelli submitted his proposal. Alex previously had a minor role in Jurassic Shark III and a supporting role in Bread's Crumbs 3, with this film being his first major role. On November 13, the majority of the film's cast was revealed, as Dakota Markle, Chris Lombardo, Austin Brinser, Eric Gorbaty and Gabe Sagherian submitted their proposal forms for the project. Notably, this will be the first major film role for Eric, who had brief appearances in the Bread's Crumbs trilogy. Cameron Nicholson was set to act as the film's 'behind the scenes cinematographer', in which he would shoot behind the scenes footage for each day of filming. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 2.25.35 PM

Gabe Sagherian was the star of the original films, and returns for this installment.

The last person set to be participating in the project, Sean Larkin, was unable to submit his proposal because he was absent. By December 15, a month after the proposals were due, Sean still hadn't submitted his proposal. On February 3, 2016, Scott decided that Sean won't to be in the project, because the script can't be written with the uncertainty of Sean dropping out. However, on February 19, Sean rejoined the film's cast after submitting his proposal form. On February 23, Cameron decided to pursue a project of his own, dropping out of the crew. At this point, the eight people participating in the project, including director Scott Pincus, comprised the film's entire crew.


From March until June, details on the film's production were kept hidden. Upon announcing Ninjago: Age of the Golden Master, Scott stated that a second major project is in the works and has yet to be revealed. On July 18, it was announced that the film would be the fourth installment in The Creepy Guy in the Woods film series. The teaser trailer for the film was released on September 22. On September 23, LordStarscream100 confirmed that Alex Fanelli, Eric Gorbaty, Sean Larkin and Chris Lombardo will play characters by their own names, while Dakota Markle portrays the demon. 


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.29.25 PM

The film marks the final role of longtime LordStarscream100 collaborator Ryan Bowman.

Filming officially commenced on July 17, and would take place on July 19, July 20, August 8, August 16, August 22, August 23, August 27, September 16, September 17, September 18, September 25, October 8, October 11, and October 15. The last major day of filming in the walking trail took place on October 19, exactly three years after filming took place for the first film, on October 19, 2013. Filming paused for a month, resuming on December 2 and continuing on December 4, December 6, December 9, December 11 and December 14. Filming continued the following year, taking place indoors on January 6 and February 21. At this point, Gabe and Eric had completed their scenes for the film. The last day of filming took place on February 22, with Alex and Dakota completing their scenes. 

End of Production/ReleaseEdit

On February 24, Alex Fanelli redubbed some of his dialogue due to cicadas making several of his lines inaudible. On February 25, the film's release date was confirmed as March 3. It was also confirmed that the film will have a running time of approximately 125 minutes. On February 26, it was confirmed that Dakota Markle, who plays the demon in the film, will also play a minor character named Dakota who is friends with Gabe. Russell Parkinson was expected to reprise his role from the third film, but was unable to film, so a new character was made for Dakota to play. The same day, Gabe Sagherian, Sean Larkin and Eric Gorbaty redubbed some of their dialogue for the film. It was also confirmed that the film would serve as Ryan Bowman's final role, following his expulsion from Scott's projects a week earlier. On February 27, Chris Lombardo redubbed some of his dialogue, and shortly after Austin Brinser officially completed his scenes as the Creepy Guy. The film's soundtrack was completed on February 28.

When Scott realized the film's uploads had various mistakes, he sought to fix them and postponed the release date by a day. After uploading the film in three separate videos, which he intended to combine using the YouTube Editor, Scott realized the editor no longer allows for videos over an hour long. As such, he was forced to delay the film to March 5 - this time uploading the entire film to YouTube as a single video. The film was released the night of March 5. Unlike many of Scott's full-films, such as the Jurassic Shark and Ninjago films, the film wasn't released in multiple parts. 


Gabe Sagherian was the first person to present the film as his graduation project, while Alex Fanelli was the second, presenting on April 27. Scott was the third person to give the presentation, during which he showed an exclusive trailer for the film. Chris Lombardo presented on May 4, and Eric Gorbaty presented on May 23. Austin Brinser and Sean Larkin presented shortly before graduating high school.


See The Cult of the Creepy Guy in the Woods


The film gained four hundred views within five days of its release, and currently holds an 89% rating with 33 likes and 4 dislikes. In comparison to other major films, this beats the first part of Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution, which accumulated around three hundred views within five days of its release, and the first part of Ninjago, which gained around 150 views in this time. Also in this time, the film gained more views than the second installment, The Creepy Guy Returns, which has nearly three hundred views and was released in May 2014. The film currently has over 1,700 views, making it the most viewed film in the series. 


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  • Ryan Bowman makes his final appearance in the film as Maxwell. However, he also doubled as The Creepy Guy in the scene where Gabe sees him further down a hill. In a single shot, The Creepy Guy (Austin) walks off, Gabe stands up, and The Creepy Guy (Ryan) walks up behind him. 
  • The final battle in the astral plane was filmed inside the Downingtown Paper Mill in December 2016. A year later, demolition on the paper mill began. The site was later used for filming Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption in May 2017. 
  • Every cast member in the film, big or small, was a senior in high school at the time the project was filmed. 
  • The sound effect that plays during the rating logo of the film's teaser trailer is music from The Creepy Guy Returns' official trailer. 
  • All of Saathi and The Creepy Guy's dialogue was recorded in post-production, along with Gabe's dialogue in the astral plane scenes. A slight echo sound effect was applied to The Creepy Guy's dialogue to give the feel of him speaking telepathically, while Scott's voice as Saathi was slightly deepened. 
  • While filming the scene where Alex and Chris reunite with Gabe and The Creepy Guy in the clearing, the sound of cicadas in the background was so prevalent that many pieces of dialogue in the scene were inaudible. As a result, an ADR (automated dialogue replacement) was later held to re-record any unsalvageable dialogue. 
  • At the end of the film, the of the evening sky with the dark clouds and forest in the distance (after we last see The Creepy Guy) was filmed shortly after Gabe's final battle with Saathi. 
  • Of all the fourteen characters that appear in the film, five of them are known to have survived - The Creepy Guy, Alex, Eric, Dakota and Zion. 
  • Ryan Bowman wrote half of the film's opening flashback, from the beginning of the film up to and including the hunting scene. In the original draft of the script, Ryan had the search for The Creepy Guy end with an airstrike on the walking trail - a concept that Scott greatly opposed as he felt it wouldn't fit in the film. A scene was shot where Ryan's character Maxwell found Grier's body, after which he called in the airstrike before fleeing with Chris. This scene was cut, and the opening fight ends with The Creepy Guy staring up the hill at Maxwell, leaving his fate ambiguous. 
  • The demon's costume is comprised of various pieces of clothing. The main piece is a Kylo Ren costume, which includes the robe, belt and hood (which is barely visible). The costume also includes black pants, gloves, a black skin-tight mask, and a hooded cape, the latter of which was given to Scott by Dakota, who plays the demon. 
  • Days after the film's release, Scott advertised it via his high school's morning announcements, encouraging people to watch it on YouTube. 
  • Originally, Sean was set to survive the film and would've had a larger role. Instead of being killed by Saathi, he would've fought him while Eric ran off. Despite Saathi beating him in the fight, Sean would survive and engage Saathi in a second fight shortly after, during which Saathi breaks Sean's leg, leaving him crippled for the remainder of the film. Scott eventually realized Sean's character served no purpose by the time his second fight with Saathi came around, and thus his death scene was added into the script. 
  • At one point or another during the scriptwriting process, all of the film's main characters were set to die except Alex, who survived the film in every iteration of the story.
    • In the first draft of the script, The Creepy Guy would have died by Alex's side after the fight with Saathi, and faded away into thin air. Scott felt the film didn't build up to his death, not to mention it felt anti-climactic. Instead, Saathi beats up The Creepy Guy and leaves him very weakened - a reference to his planned death scene. 
    • Eric had two planned deaths. One was during his knife fight with Gabe, in which Eric would've allowed Gabe to kill him with the knife in a desperate attempt to make Gabe see the reality of the situation. Scott scrapped the concept because it felt anti-climactic. The other idea was to have Saathi kill Eric after Gabe's redemption. Gabe and Eric would fight Saathi together, and Saathi would kill Eric using his own knife. Both of Eric's death scenes were to be caused by the knife Alex gave him, and although Eric survives the film, Saathi does wound him with the knife - a reference to his planned death scene. 
  • Scenes mentioning the character of Roger were filmed all throughout the production, dating back to July 2016. Interestingly, Brody Hall wasn't actually cast in the role until December 2016. Brody moved in October 2016 and Scott briefly mentioned the project to him then, but he wasn't officially cast until December. He filmed his scenes in two days. 
  • Russell Parkinson, who played a major role in the third film, was expected to reprise his role for this film. However, Russell was unable to film on multiple occasions, forcing Scott to replace him with Dakota Markle, who played a new character named Dakota. In his first scene, Dakota briefly mentions Russell while speaking with Gabe. 
  • While preparing to film the summoning scene with Saathi and Eric, which was set to be Saathi's last scene, Scott realized the character's mask was missing. This resulted in Alex (who played Saathi in this scene) having his back turned to Eric the entire time. Scott felt this was more fitting then him staring at Eric the whole time. 
  • All of the film's main characters appear at some point during the opening flashback except for Gabe, who appears right after the flashback ends. 
  • Scott returns in the film's opening flashback, which is set two years before Gabe's ordeal (during which Scott dies). Though Scott wears a jacket for half his scenes, in his last scene with Eric he can be seen wearing a Zoo York shirt - the same one he wore in the original series. Like Brody Hall, Scott filmed his scenes over the span of two days. 
  • Zion is the first and last character that is seen in the movie. 
  • Since Dakota Markle wasn't always available to play Saathi/The Demon, Chris Lombardo, Zion Figueroa and Alex Fanelli played him in various scenes.
    • Chris played him during Gabe's nightmare, the astral plane bridge scene, and briefly during the final battle on Sawmill Road (Dakota left towards the end of the shoot when he felt very sick). 
    • Zion played him throughout Alex and The Creepy Guy's final battle with Saathi. Zion also helped coreograph the scene. 
    • Alex played him during the summoning scene with Eric, and also during Gabe's final battle in the astral plane. Alex was not credited for the role. 
  • The sound the metal pipe makes as it hits Roger in the face was reused from The Search for the Creepy Guy in the Woods
  • Gabe Sagherian is present in the video thumbnail of the film, having been absent from the thumbnail for The Search for the Creepy Guy in the Woods. He previously appeared in the thumbnails for the first and second films alongside Scott Pincus, who played The Creepy Guy. 
  • This is the final LordStarscream100 film that was shot using his original camcorder, which broke during the film's production in July 2016. Approximately five of the film's scenes were shot using the camcorder before a new one was used for the rest of the production - Alex finding Eric in the woods, Saathi confronting Alex and Chris, and the entire lake scene (save for Gabe running off) were the only scenes filmed with the original camcorder. 
  • The film continues the tradition of each Creepy Guy in the Woods film being released in a different month. The first film came out in December 2013, the second in May 2014, the third in June 2014, and the fourth in March 2017. 
  • With a running time of 125 minutes, the film is the longest installment in the series. It is also Scott's shortest full-length film since Jurassic Shark in 2012, which had a running time of 86 minutes. While writing and editing the film, Scott paid close attention to cutting scenes and dialogue that weren't necessary or disrupted the pacing of the film. 
  • In the opening flashback, The Creepy Guy wields a metal pipe, which he also used during The Search for the Creepy Guy in the Woods. The pipe is indeed the original prop, and was given to Scott by Dakota Markle (who plays the demon) in May 2014, during the production of Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution. Dakota was happy and surprised to see the pipe being used for the fourth film. 
  • Three jackets were used for The Creepy Guy during the film's main production. The first jacket was new and almost identical to the original, save for a symbol on the front of it. This jacket was featured during the film's opening flashback. The second jacket was also new and an exact replica of the original. The third jacket was the original one worn by The Creepy Guy in the first three films. In September 2016, the original jacket's zipper stopped working, and the new jacket was put to use for one day until that jacket's zipper broke apart as well. Scott managed to make the original jacket's zipper work again, and it was used for the rest of the production. The first jacket with the symbol was used in the film's opening flashback.
  • On January 16, 2017, Scott confirmed that the film makes no mention of apples, and that apples play no role in the story. In the original trilogy, The Creepy Guy was often calmed when given apples, and used them to intimidate others. 
  • When Scott made the first film in October 2013, Sean Larkin was also in his Video Applications class. The two were going to work together on a project, but Sean ultimately chose to do a separate project. Shortly after, Scott developed the idea for the film, and after its completion it was praised by the teacher. Three years later, Sean would ultimately sign onto this project. 
  • Although The Creepy Guy returns in this film, he is not played by Scott Pincus, as Austin Brinser takes over the role. As such, Gabe Sagherian is the only starring actor from the original trilogy to return in the fourth film. Scott Pincus returns to play Scott, the instructor from the first and third films, while Ryan Bowman, who had a role in the third film, plays a new character. 
  • Ross Lovell, who appeared as Reginald Wellington in Bread's Crumbs 2 was briefly set to have a role in the graduation project, but chose to do a separate one. Ross met with his guidance counselor to discuss the project, and they suggested filming as early as March 2016 - which Scott deemed impossible given the required time for planning, and the inconsistent weather and seasons during filming. 
  • Unlike Scott's previous major live-action project, Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution, the film features a generally smaller cast with only seven major cast members. 
  • Originally Scott confirmed that he will not have a role in the film, as he wants to focus on directing the film. He stated that if he does have a role, it will only be a cameo. The release of the official trailer in December 2016 confirmed that he will return to play his character, Scott, from the first and third films. Despite returning to the role, it's an extended cameo, as Scott only appears in the first fifteen minutes of the film.
  • The film is Alex Fanelli's second major film role. Previously, he had a minor role as the rogue InGen employee Calvin in Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution and later had his first starring role in Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam. Within a month of Scrub Slam's release, he started working on this film. 
  • The final concept for the film was conceived by Scott in September 2015, when he became uncertain for the project's premise. In fact, immediately after pitching the idea of a fourth Creepy Guy in the Woods film to Gabe, Scott decided against it and said it wouldn't work. Weeks later, Scott changed his mind once more and more confidently discussed the concept with Gabe, who agreed with the new premise  - a fourth Creepy Guy in the Woods film. The project was kept under wraps for over half a year, before being announced in July 2016. 
  • The film is Eric Gorbaty's first major film role, and his first role outside of the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe. Previously, he appeared as Corporal Crunch, a supporting character in Bread's Crumbs and Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo and a minor character in Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam. He would also have a role in the short film Pizza Might Come
  • This was set to be Scott's first film that Cameron Nicholson would be involved in since The EdTech Enterprise in January 2014, although he later chose to do a separate graduation project. 
  • Several references or easter-eggs alluding the other LordStarscream100 films exist in the film. Some are intentional, others unintentional, and others "partially" so.
    • During the meeting between Zion and Scott, the props for both the Mako and Lemon Sharks from Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution can be seen sitting atop a car in the background. The poster for Island of Doom: Jurassic Park, one of the most commonly reappearing relics in Scott's films, can be seen in the same scene.  
    • In many of the scenes set in "Gabe's bedroom" (in reality Scott's), props and figurines from BIONICLE and Ninjago can be seen rather prominently. The "Missing Poster" from The Search for the Creepy Guy in the woods is also on display in his room (while this is from the same series the poster is included as an easter-egg.)  


  • During the opening flashback, Roger wears a jacket with the Overwatch logo on it. However, the flashback is set in 2012, and Overwatch wasn't released until 2016. 
  • Also in the opening flashback, when Alex runs over to Roger's body, he's wearing a black coat and donning a camo gun. Minutes earlier, he wore a black sweatshirt and donned a pistol.