The Machine of Munich is a short film is a short film directed, written and edited by Scott Pincus. Tasked with creating a video for a German project that involved mechanical doppelgangers, Scott decided to create an original film with a group of new cast members. The film stars Steven Rizzo as Dr. Steinfeld, a brilliant scientist who has created robotic replicas of people - including himself. Steinfeld meets with a drug cartel leader, Sketch Penzil, and deploys his own doppelganger to kill two of Penzil's former kronies-turned-undercover police.

Prior to the suspension of Ryan Bowman in February 2017, plans were made to create a sequel to Isarus for their German video project that year. Due to Ryan's suspension, the sequel was scrapped, and a new premise for the project was developed in March. The film stars Steven Rizzo, Trevor Boyce, Josh Nedved and Scott Pincus, and features cameos by Alex Fanelli and Chris Lombardo. It was released on April 10, 2017. 


In Munich, brilliant scientist Doctor Steinfeld (Steven Rizzo) meets with drug cartel leader Sketch Penzil (LordStarscream100). Steinfeld discusses his latest project, in which he's created mechanical doppelgangers - robotic clones of people. Steinfeld introduces Penzil to a doppelganger modeled after himself, which surprises Penzil; Steinfeld explains that with this technology they can take over the entire world. Steinfeld hopes for Penzil to fund his project, yet Penzil is uncertain of doing so. Steinfeld tells Penzil that two of his former cartel members have become undercover police, which angers Penzil. Steinfeld offers to send his doppelganger after them, and Penzil accepts his offer, giving his wallet to Steinfeld. 

In the Englsh Garden, inspectors Hobbes (Trevor Boyce) and Nevada (Josh Nedved) walk down a path and discuss recent events. Nevada is in disbelief over Steinfeld's doppelganger program, with Hobbes remarking that he's making the future before their very eyes. Nevada says that they're facing a conflict with the cartel, yet Hobbes says they must focus on confronting Doctor Steinfeld. Nevada sees a figure approaching in the distance, and he realizes it's Steinfeld. In actuality, however, the figure is Steinfeld's doppelganger. Nevada remarks that the figure is walking strangely, and he suspects that Steinfeld made a doppelganger of himself. Hobbes and Nevada approach the doppelganger, which confronts and attacks them. During the fight, Hobbes and Nevada give their all to battle the doppelganger, yet it's far too superior.

After beating back Nevada, the doppelganger takes an opportunity to replicate Hobbes body. Not knowing who the real Hobbes is, Nevada takes a chance and shoots one of them. However, Nevada quickly realizes that he shot his own partner, and the doppelganger reverts to its normal form. The doppelganger chokes Nevada as Steinfeld walks over, admiring the magnificence of his creation. From behind Nevada, Sketch Penzil arrives with two of his associates, Saxon (Alex Fanelli) and Stefan (Chris Lombardo). During the confrontation, Hobbes, who survived being shot, seizes his gun and shoots Penzil and his associates - killing them. The doppelganger resumes fighting Hobbes and Nevada, striking them both down. The doppelganger brings its foot down on Hobbes' skull, killing him. 

The doppelganger continues beating up Nevada, forcing him to the ground. Nevada takes the opportunity to seize the battery from behind the doppelganger's head, deactivating it - yet the machine lands on Nevada, trapping him underneath. Steinfeld runs over in distress, but is shot by Nevada. Nevada then shoots the doppelganger behind the head, which causes it to explode - killing Nevada and Steinfeld. Despite their deaths - the doppelganger is destroyed, Steinfeld's program has ceased, and Penzil's cartel is left in turmoil without a leader. 

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