"Here I bow at the place of your defeat, where you made your final stand against The Clan - I will carry out your objective in my name. I have found an ancient being of great power that will help me claim my revenge. In the days to come, The Clan will finally meet its end. I will kill The Clan, and fulfill our destiny. First I will kill your arch enemy, Colonel Crunch. I've prepared myself for this day, Nazi Mitch - and I will not fail you."
- Paleman to a picture of Nazi Mitch, his first words in Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption
The Paleman
Paleman in Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption

Portrayed By

Michael Behrenshauser


Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo (cameo)

Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption



The Clan (formerly, traitor)


Jagged Steel Sword


Deceased - Killed by Flynt Coal

Location (at time of death)

Track field outside headquarters

The Paleman was a character in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe, serving as an antagonist. He is played by Michael Behrenshauser. A founding member of The Clan, Paleman grew hateful of the team and joined the U.B.N.V.A.. Though he idolized Nazi Mitch, Paleman wasn't one to work with others. When Biscuit Savage schemed against The Clan and asked Paleman to assist his operation, he angrily refused. After witnessing the rise and fall of Nazi Mitch and the U.B.N.V.A., Paleman sought vengeance against The Clan. He joined forces with The Creator in a bid to destroy The Clan. Paleman killed Captain Jumpa, who he hated most, and the U.B.N.V.A.'s former leader, Bread Nelson

When John Bacchus reunited The Clan, Paleman learned the team discovered a device built by The Creator. As Quinn Diesel retrieved it, Paleman made his return by killing Colonel Crunch and Biscuit Savage, before fighting The Clan. Paleman and Creator would battle The Clan again at Mekron Woods; later, Paleman and Kaine West battled Flynt, Vin and Rasputin at Torture Wobbler Church. Paleman killed Rasputin, and influenced Quinn to kill Vin. 

After Creator was killed, Bacchus and Paleman had a final duel, which allowed Paleman to mortally wound Bacchus. Before Paleman could finish him off, Flynt intervened and killed Paleman with Creator's axe - ending his rampage. 


The Paleman was a founding member of The Clan - a group of treasure hunters dedicated to tracking down and safeguarding ancient and powerful artifacts. He created the team alongside Captain Jumpa, John Bacchus and Glen Tennis. Over time, Paleman began to take on violent tendencies, forcing Captain Jumpa to excommunicate him from the team. 

After being disowned by his allies, Paleman was taken in by Nazi Mitch, who trained him to be a cunning and skilled fighter for the United Bread Nelson Villains Association  Paleman was often sent out to kill targets and undertake reconnaissance missions. Yet as time went on, he would lose self-confidence, and began hiding away in the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters for months at a time. Around this time, Paleman became acquainted with Biscuit Savage, a mighty brute and another major member of the organization. However, the two had a rather rough relationship. 

Over the years, The Clan would try to locate Paleman on numerous occassions, but they were never able to find him. For a while, they weren't sure if he was even alive. 

Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric BoogalooEdit

The Paleman was loitering outside of the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters when he was approached by Biscuit Savage. Savage asked The Paleman to take part in his "operation", which involved wiping out The Clan. Paleman claimed he already had other plans, and angrily told Savage to leave. Savage walked off, and angrily asked why no one wants to kill people today. 

Between FilmsEdit

For the next year, Paleman laid low in the U.B.N.V.A., choosing to avoid major conflicts brought about by The Clan. When Nazi Mitch was killed by The Clan, Paleman was infuriated by the loss of his idol. It was around this time that The Creator of The Crumbs was freed from the artifact he forged. Seeking vengeance against The Clan, Paleman would form an alliance with Creator. Paleman sought to wipe out The Clan with Creator's help, in exchange for helping Creator reclaim a device he built that can destroy the world. 

Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass ConsumptionEdit

As The Clan began their quest to remake The Crumbs, Paleman would begin a mission of his own - hunting down and slaying his former allies. He went to the overhangar where Nazi Mitch died; there, he knelt down and spoke to a miniature portrait of Mitch. Paleman vowed to carry out his objective in Mitch's name, and with the aid of The Creator, he would kill The Clan in the days ahead. Paleman swore to kill Mitch's arch enemy, Colonel Crunch, and promised not to fail Mitch as he'd been preparing for this day. 

After Bjorn Alvarez betrayed The Clan in Portugal, he sent a message to Paleman regarding the discovery of Creator's doomsday device. After receiving this message, Paleman called upon Quinn Diesel, the son of Vin, with the intention of having him claim the device. The two greet each other, and Paleman says he needs Quinn's help; his father has played a key role in reuniting The Clan, which found Creator's device in Chernobyl. Paleman tasks Quinn with breaking into The Clan's headquarters. Quinn isn't sure about this, but Paleman promises to create a diversion so Quinn can sneak inside. Quinn asks how they'll deal with his father, and Paleman says that his time is near. He hands Quinn a key to the headquarters and departs.

Paleman goes to Torture Wobbler Church, the residence of The Creator. After exiting his white pickup truck, he meets with Creator outside of his house. Paleman greets Creator and asks if he's busy, to which he tells Paleman not to concern himself with his affairs. Paleman says that The Clan found Creator's device in Chernobyl, and it's currently in their headquarters. After assuring Creator that he has someone going after it, Creator tells Paleman that he works hard but there's more work to be done. Paleman is frustrated by this, believing he accomplished his mission. Creator tells Paleman they need to find the Forbidden Sword so they can harness The Crumbs' power. Only Lord Tyresius, The Crumbs' guardian and an ally of the Bacchus bloodline, knows of its location. This revelation surprises Paleman, but nonetheless he agrees to claim the sword and the device. Creator tells Paleman to return once he has them, to which Paleman tells Creator that he's working with him, and not for him. Creator shrugs this off, and walks off. Paleman then departs for his truck and heads off to begin his attack against The Clan. 

While loitering outside of The Clan's headquarters, Paleman caught the attention of Colonel Crunch. Crunch ran out of the headquarters and, upon seeing a figure walking in the distance with a sword, went in pursuit. Crunch confronted the figure, who revealed himself to be Paleman. Crunch asks him where he's been, and Paleman says he's been keeping low and avoiding trouble, but he now has "business" with The Clan. As Crunch asserts that they never wanted him to return, Paleman approaches him, warning that he's playing with fire. Crunch believes that a fight between them won't end fairly, and Paleman agrees with this before stabbing Crunch in the stomach. After pulling the sword out, Paleman tells Crunch that The Clan is next; he walks off as Crunch's body falls to the ground. 

Flynt, Kick, Vin and Rasputin head off to consult with Biscuit Savage about the nature of the device; as they do so, Paleman discreetly follows them and hides in a nearby tree. As the group speaks with Savage, Paleman can be seen hiding in the tree. When the group departs, Paleman jumps out of the tree and runs across the main field. Reginald then discover's Crunch, who dies by his side. As Reginald mourns the loss, Paleman raises his bloody sword over Reginald's shoulder, and orders him to send a message to John Bacchus. Shortly after, Paleman heads off and confronts Biscuit Savage. Savage threatens Paleman, telling him to stay away as he doesn't want anything to do with him. Paleman ultimately attacks Savage, swinging his sword at him many times before Savage grabs. He urges Paleman to leave or die, to which Paleman stabs Savage in the stomach. As he falls to the ground and dies, Paleman walks off into the parking lot. In the meantime, Reginald alerts Bacchus that Paleman killed Colonel Crunch. This greatly angers The Clan, and they run off to confront Paleman. As Paleman heads to the tennis court, Quinn goes in the headquarters and retrieves the device. 

"I killed your best friend and your worst enemy - all that's left ... is me! A lot's gonna' happen, Bacchus - I don't think you're ready for it!"
- Paleman to The Clan, before their fight in the tennis court

Bacchus arrives at the tennis court with Flynt, Vin, Rasputin, Kick, Big Beard and Reginald. Paleman asks Bacchus if he's happy to see him, remarking that he never thought they'd meet again. Bacchus bitterly asks why Paleman has returned, to which Paleman says the U.B.N.V.A. came so close to success, and now he'll finally end The Clan. Paleman reveals that he killed The Clan's best friend and worst enemy, confirming that he was the one who murdered Captain Jumpa. This angers and horrifies The Clan, though Bacchus tells Paleman that without the U.B.N.V.A., he's on his own. Paleman warns Bacchus that a lot is bound to happen, and he's not ready for it. Bacchus cracks his knuckles and approaches Paleman, ready to fight. However, Paleman swiftly strikes him down. One by one, Paleman fights and strikes down every member of The Clan. He then threatens Bacchus and The Clan before departing from the scene. The return of Paleman leaves Bacchus frustrated and devastated, but he nevertheless strives towards The Clan's goal to remake The Crumbs. 

Paleman reunites with Quinn outside of Torture Wobbler Church. Quinn asks if Creator is coming, and Paleman tells him to be patient. Quinn says he doesn't have time to wait, and Paleman tells him not to think lowly of The Creator, as he's more powerful than he knows. When Creator approaches the two, Paleman introduces Creator to Quinn, and gives Creator the device. As Creator examines it, Paleman asks if their next objective is finding the sword, to which Creator assures him it's been his prime objective. Paleman believes their greatest problem is finding Lord Tyresius, to which Creator reveals he contacted him and he'll arrive shortly. Paleman believes this will give away their location, but Creator tells him it doesn't matter, and he shouldn't doubt his wisdom. At that moment, Tyresius runs over to the trio, and is horrified to see Creator has returned. Paleman and Quinn watch as Creator confronts Tyresius, who runs off. 

Paleman and Creator follow Tyresius to Mekron Woods, where The Clan is burying Colonel and Corporal Crunch. Creator and Paleman confront The Clan, with Bacchus telling them that they don't want any trouble. Paleman tells Bacchus that they won't stop, as he warned him he's coming for The Clan. Creator approaches The Clan and confronts them himself, with Paleman watching as Creator reveals he's Bacchus's ancestor. Creator attacks The Clan, and they retreat through the woods. Eventually, Bacchus urges them to stand their ground, and as Paleman and Creator approach they charge at them. Paleman fights against Flynt, Vin, Kick and Reginald. He manages to strike down Flynt and Reginald before battling Vin and Kick. Their fight stops after Creator kills Big Beard, at which point Paleman leaves the scene. After Creator confronts Bacchus and knocks him unconscious, Paleman walks over to Creator and asks what they'll do now, with Creator declaring that they'll kill The Clan. 


  • The Paleman is one of three Bread's Crumbs villains who made a brief appearance in an earlier installment and returned in a later installment. He briefly appeared in the second film and will return in the fourth film. On the other hand, Banny Passerini and Axel Gunner briefly appeared in the second film, and later had larger roles in the third film and The Two Man Trio, respectively. All three characters will return for the fourth and final film. 
  • The Paleman's name is based off of Paleman, a character from the fourth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. The character was created when Michael Behrenshauser, who has pale skin, joined the cast of the second film during the first day of filming. Ultimately, the characters bear no relation or similarities. 
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