The Search for the Creepy Guy in the Woods
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June 13, 2014

Directed by


Produced, Written and Edited by



Gabe S


Mitchell P

Ryan B

Russell P

Jacob D

Release Date

June 13, 2014


Bio-Builder Productions

Music by

Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky

Running Time

24 Minutes

Preceded by

The Creepy Guy Returns

Followed by

The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods

The Search for the Creepy Guy in the Woods is a short film directed, produced, written and edited by Scott Pincus. It is the third and final installment in the Creepy Guy in the Woods series and the second sequel to How to Avoid a Creepy Guy in the Woods. It was Scott's last Video Applications project. Gabe Sagherian and Scott Pincus reprise their roles as Gabe and the Creepy Guy, respectively, and Scott also returns as the instructor he played in the first film. Newcomers to the cast include Ryan Bowman and Mitchell Patterson, as well as Russell Parkinson, who was originally set to debut in the second film, and Jacob Doerr, who makes a cameo in this film. The film was released on June 13, 2014. 

A fourth film, The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods, acts as a semi-reboot to the series and was released in March 2017. Gabe reprises his role from the original trilogy, and while Scott doesn't return to play The Creepy Guy, he does play his character from the first and third films. 


The film opens in the cold storage, where Gabe (Gabe Sagherian) is beaten up by The Creepy Guy (Scott Pincus) before being knocked unconscious. A week later, Scott (Scott Pincus), Ryan (Ryan Bowman) and Mitchell (Mitchell Patterson) hang up missing posters of Gabe. Scott meets them and winds up forming a team to search for Gabe. While they are uneasy at first, Ryan and Mitchell agree to do so, providing weapons in the process. 

The trio heads to the walking trail, where Scott reveals that he's also searching for the Creepy Guy in the Woods, believing that he has something to do with Gabe's disappearence. Mitchell decides to look for Gabe outside of the walking trail, where he is accompanied by Russell (Russell Parkinson. The two pairs search for Gabe, with Russell and Mitchell finding him in the cold storage of a house, as they had been led there by a disappearing apple. In the meantime, a gunfight breaks out with Scott and Ryan against the Creepy Guy until he kills Ryan with a metal pole, sending Scott retreating from the scene.

The conflict with the Creepy Guy escalates, as Mitchell obtains a means of stopping the Creepy Guy as Russell and Gabe encounter him and Scott is killed by him as well. When Mitchell returns, his neck is snapped by the Creepy Guy, although Russell arrives and hits him with the bag, which is revealed to be full of apples when they retreat once again. Russell winds up taking a stand against the Creepy Guy, fighting him while Gabe retreats with the bag. After Russell is knocked unconscious, Gabe offers the Creepy Guy the bag of apples, and they make amends for him to stay away for good. The Creepy Guy accepts the bag, walks further down the trail, and disappears a final time. Russell walks over to Gabe, who explains that he made a resolve with him to keep him away. Russell says that the search is over, to which Gabe agrees, and the two walk up the trail.

Upon exiting the trail, Gabe finds an apple sitting on the curb, and it reads "SOЯRY". The film ends with the two walking up the sidewalk. 



When LordStarscream100 received word from his Video Applications teacher that they would have two more projects before the end of the school year, with one of them being the final for the class, he decided that he was going to make two sequels to How to Avoid a Creepy Guy in the Woods. Shortly before the release of the second film, The Creepy Guy Returns, LordStarscream100 wrote the script for the third film. It was confirmed to be in production following the second film's release on May 9. 

Upon being announced, the film was confirmed to be shooting in late-May with a release date of early-June. Gabe S was confirmed to reprise his role for a third time, as was LordStarscream100 as the Creepy Guy in the Woods. LordStarscream100 also confirmed that he will be reprising his role as the instructor from the first film, who literally explained "how to avoid a creepy guy in the woods". Various new cast members were also revealed, including Ryan B, Dakota M, Russell P, and Jacob D. Ryan and Dakota are set to be in Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution, as well as Russell, who was previously in Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution. Jacob D appeared in the first two Jurassic Shark films. 

Filming was originally set to take place on May 24, although it had been bumped a day further to May 25. On May 22, LordStarscream100 confirmed that Russell P had resigned from the film's cast, as he will not be able to participate in filming. Mitchell P, who appeared in The EdTech Enterprise and Zeus's Recreational Thunderbolt, was recast in the role. On May 25, LordStarscream100 confirmed that Jacob D and Dakota M would not be able to participate in filming. That day, since filming was not completed, it was set to wrap up on another day.  On May 29, LordStarscream100 confirmed that much of the footage filmed before would be re-shot on the next filming day, May 31. However, filming did not finish on that day either, and as a result it was set to wrap up on June 4. The official trailer was released on June 1. On June 4, LordStarscream100 confirmed that the film was postponed to June 13, as more time for filming was needed. On June 6, LordStarscream100 confirmed that Russell P has officially rejoined the film's cast. Filming officially wrapped up on June 11, and it was released on June 13. 

Sequel & Canon Edit

The Search for the Creepy Guy in the Woods was originally intended to be the final installment of the Creepy Guy film series, officially wrapping up the story. Plans for a sequel were discussed as early as the summer following the film's release in 2014, but few came to fruition. By Q2 2015, however, a sequel had become very likely, and it was decided that a fourth film would officially be made, announced on October 23, 2015. Undergoing several plot revisions, The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods had finally been conceived, with developments continuing into 2016.

The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods is a semi-reboot of the franchise, similar (but perhaps moreso) than Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution was compared to its predecessors. The film, while set in the same universe and involving many of the same characters, tells a new and 'mostly independent' story. Unlike the original trilogy, the film also has a much darker and more serious tone. LordStarscream100 has confirmed that the major events of the original trilogy are still canon and will be heavily referenced in the fourth movie. However, certain aspects of the original trilogy will be 'retconned' in order to fit into the new film's theme and tone. These aspects include Gabe's offering of apples to The Creepy Guy, and The Creepy Guy saying "Come here!" and "I'm gonna' get you!"

Despite the new film's significant differences from its predecessors, LordStarscream100 has remained adamant that the original trilogy "told a true story", but that the new film "revisits certain events from a different perspective."


  • Mitchell's Taurus pistol changes into a Beretta because Ryan was not present on the day that his scene with Russell was filmed, and the Taurus was Ryan's prop. As the lighting is dark and the weapons are never fired, the difference is not noticeable on camera.
  • Russell P had an idea to have the film feature exploding apples, and thus he placed small explosives inside one of the apples. Him, Mitchell and Gabe spent around fifteen minutes tampering with the apple, trying to detonate the explosive. The eventual "success" was featured in LordStarscream100's 2014 Short Films Bloopers video. 
  • This is the first and only film in the series to feature cast members other then the regular ones, LordStarscream100 and Gabe S. 
  • Initially, when Mitchell and Russell rescue Gabe, the Creepy Guy was to attack them as they try and leave his "lair". However, this was cut out due to time constraints and the fact that in reality, he would be off in the walking trail stalking and attacking Scott and Ryan. 
  • The film continues the concept from the original of the Creepy Guy being satisfied by receiving apples. As stated by LordStarscream100, the Creepy Guy uses apples as a symbol of fear, but also a means of making amends.
    • When he is first given the apple in the first film as a means of making amends, the Creepy Guy decides to use this against Gabe and make it a symbol of fear in the second film.
    • In the third film, the Creepy Guy continues using it, at times to lead people to destinations or throw at them. At the end of the film, when Gabe presents him with the bag of apples, the Creepy Guy realizes what he has done and becomes completely enveloped in a world of his own, and leaves. "It's a really psychological thing. It's just downright crazy when you first see it." 
  • Dakota Markle was initally set to appear in the film, although he had to drop out on the first day. He was also unable to film on the second day as well. 
  • The film is the longest one in the series, nearly three times as long as the original, and was also LordStarscream100's longest short film until the release of Bread's Crumbs 2. 
  • This is the first short film that LordStarscream100 has made that has taken over one day to film. 
  • Jacob D's cameo in the film was never planned, and as a surprise, Ryan B never knew of the cameo until the film was released. 
  • In the original script, Scott, Ryan, Mitchell and Russell were all going to be killed by the Creepy Guy, but the Creepy Guy would revive them after seeing the negativity of his actions. Gabe S said that the ending should be darker, and thus all the characters were kept dead except for Russell, who survived due to several script changes. 
  • The cardboard poster of Gabe near the beginning of the film was drawn by LordStarscream100. 
  • When Mitchell and Russell rescue Gabe, Gabe is wearing a different shirt because he couldn't find the one he had worn in the previous scenes. Nevertheless, it was worked into that plot that the Creepy Guy gave him a different shirt. As a joke, Gabe also put a wreath over his head. 
  • LordStarscream100's biggest complaint with the film is the ending with the apples. While Gabe was running with the bag full of them, it began to rip open and its contents fell out. There were about ten or more apples in the bag at the beginning of the scene. By the end, there were only two. 
  • The Creepy Guy's metal rod was given to LordStarscream100 by Dakota M, who intended to use it in some way in Jurassic Shark III
  • In the scene where the Creepy Guy kills Scott, Russell briefly put on the Creepy Guy's sweatshirt and mask, since LordStarscream100 portrays both characters. 
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