This page is a listing of all of the weapons that appear in The Search for The Creepy Guy in the Woods.

Handguns Edit

Beretta 92FS Edit

Mitchell's Taurus PT92 changes into a Beretta 92FS when he joins Russell in finding Gabe locked inside a house. Mitchell places it down on the shelf, and apparently does not pick it back up, as it is not seen after that point.

Glock 30 Edit

Scott is seen with a Glock 30 when searching for the Creepy Guy with Ryan and Mitchell. Ryan likely gave him the Glock, as he was the one who asked him for weapons. Scott later uses the Glock while fighting alongside Ryan against the Creepy Guy. Once Ryan is killed, Scott is seen running away, Glock in hand, but it is not seen after that point.

Heckler & Koch Mark 23 SOCOM Edit

Ryan's weapon of choice is a Heckler & Koch Mark 23 SOCOM pistol, which he uses alongside his shortened Kimber Desert Warrior. He is first seen with it when he, Mitchell, and Scott are searching for the Creepy Guy in the walking trail. He is later seen with it during the battle with the Creepy Guy, dual wielding it alongside his Kimber. While fighting, Ryan's Desert Warrior runs dry and is dropped, and Ryan continues fighting with the MK23. After Ryan is knocked down by the Creepy Guy, he makes one final attempt to kill him by shooting his MK23, but the bullets pass through him and the Creepy Guy kills Ryan. The MK23 is later seen resting on his corpse, and is lost.

Kimber Desert Warrior Edit

Alongside his MK23, Ryan carries a Kimber Desert Warrior. He draws it while seeing the Creepy Guy briefly in the woods, but continues on. He later uses it during the battle, but quickly discards it after it runs out of ammunition. It is left on the ground and presumably abandoned when Ryan dies.

Sig Sauer SP2022 Edit

Russell is briefly seen with a Sig Sauer SP2022 when he and Mitchell find Gabe locked inside a house. However, he is not seen with it after he leaves, and it is gone for the rest of the movie.

Taurus PT92 Edit

Mitchell uses a Taurus PT92 while searching for the Creepy Guy in the woods, but is never seen firing it. Like Scott's Glock, Ryan likely gave it to him.

Trivia Edit

  • Mitchell's Taurus PT92 changes into a Beretta 92FS because Ryan was not present on the day that his scene with Russell was filmed and the PT92 was Ryan's prop. As the lighting is dark and the weapons are never fireabe.d, the difference is not noticeable on camera.

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