Torture Wobbler Church
Torture Wobbler Church in Bread's Crumbs 4


The Creator (formerly)

The Paleman (formerly)

Kaine West (formerly)


Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam

Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption


Partly intact, heavily damaged

Torture Wobbler Church is an ancient, fabled structure in the Bread's Crumbs series. The church was built many years ago by the Bacchus Bloodline, and served as the residence of The Creator. Inside the church, Creator forged many powerful relics, including The Crumbs. The church was heavily damaged by several of Creator's experiments, and it was left abandoned for many years after Lord Tyresius vanquished Creator. 

A century later, John Bacchus went to the church to claim the Spear of Sodium. When Nazi Mitch's demise caused Creator to be freed from The Crumbs, he allied with The Paleman and they used the church as a hideout. When Flynt, Vin and Rasputin went to the church in search of the new artifact, they fought against Paleman, Kaine West and Quinn Diesel. In the ensuing chaos, West, Rasputin and Vin were all killed at the church. 

Following the conflict's end, Flynt and Kick brought various relics to the church for safekeeping; Creator's Helmet was placed in a dilapidated window inside the church.


Over a century ago, the church was built by the Bacchus Bloodline. Its true purpose is unknown, although it wound up serving as the residence of The Creator, a member of the bloodline. Creator used

The church was heavily damaged by many of Creator's experiments.

the church as a place to forge new artifacts, including The Crumbs. In the years that followed, however, Creator became disgusted with humanity and sought to usher in its extinction. He began forging new artifacts that would wreak havoc on mankind, including a doomsday device and a powerful spear - both of which were created in the church. However, Creator's experiments and attempts to build more powerful relics would severely damage the church, which quickly came to the bloodline's attention. 

Bread's Crumbs 4 - Flashback SceneEdit

When the bloodline learned of Creator's ways, they sent Lord Tyresius to confront him. Sensing the impending conflict, Creator placed the spear above a dilapidated window inside the church, and held onto The Crumbs and the device. Creator then confronted Tyresius outside the church, and a fight soon broke out between them. Creator was ultimately struck down, and his spirit was absorbed into The Crumbs. For the next century, the church sat abandoned on the far side of a cornfield, with several of Creator's relics still left inside. 

Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub SlamEdit

When Creator telepathically communicated with his ancestor, John Bacchus, he empowered his temptations to seize The Crumbs for himself. Creator also urged him to claim the spear that could absorb the power from the artifact and inject it into a person's body. Bacchus then set off for Torture Wobbler Church, and through Creator's guidance, was able to claim the spear from the top of the window. Bacchus then called Nazi Mitch from inside the church, and told him that he's not allied with or against Mitch, but that he should stay out of his way. Minutes later, Flynt Coal arrived at the church and met with Bacchus inside. 

Between FilmsEdit

After Nazi Mitch consumed The Crumbs' power and was subsequently killed, the relic's energies were released, which also freed The Creator. He returned to Torture Wobbler Church, which remained in a derelict state, and used it as a hideout to keep his return a secret. At some point, Creator allied with The Paleman and Kaine West, who also took refuge at the church. 

Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass ConsumptionEdit

After learning that Creator's device was recovered in Chernobyl, Paleman drives his pickup truck to Torture Wobbler Church, and meets with Creator near the decrepit structure. Creator orders Paleman to reclaim his device and seize the Forbidden Sword, which can harness The Crumbs' powers and merge them with the device. In the meantime, Bacchus plans to remake The Crumbs using the Forbidden Sword and the "new artifact", a relic he built and discarded in Torture Wobbler Church following the third film. 

Paleman later returns to the church with Quinn Diesel, who recovered the device from the former U.B.N.V.A. Headquarters, and they meet with Creator outside the church. Creator converses with his allies as Lord Tyresius runs across the cornfield near the church, before confronting his old adversary. Horrified, Tyresius runs off, with Creator and Paleman going in pursuit. 

After Bacchus is knocked unconscious by Creator, Flynt, Vin and Kick make a plan to search for the Forbidden Sword in Kerr Park, and the "new artifact" at Torture Wobbler Church. Vin decides that he, Flynt and Rasputin will go to the church to find the relic. 

When the trio arrives at the church, they prepare to start searching for the artifact, but a figure moving in the bushes catches their attention. Moments later, Kaine West emerges, and confronts the group. As the adversaries banter, Paleman approaches, and tells the group that The Clan has been virtually wiped out. Tensions quickly rise, and Vin suddenly lunges at Paleman and starts fighting him. As Rasputin fights Kaine West, Flynt runs into the church to find the relic. Paleman and Kaine West head into the church after striking down Vin and Rasputin. Inside the church, Flynt finds the "new artifact" and is confronted by Kaine West, who is gunned down by Rasputin. As Rasputin runs off, he's confronted by Paleman, who fights and mortally wounds Rasputin. Flynt kneels by Rasputin's side as he dies inside the church. 

In the meantime, Vin searches for Flynt in the vast ruins, and suddenly sees Paleman walking off with a bloody sword. Vin runs after Paleman, but loses sight of him and instead finds his sword stuck in the ground outside the church. As Vin approaches the sword, his son, Quinn, runs out of the bushes and reunites with him. Vin is overcome with joy, and yearns for his son to take Paleman's sword and join The Clan. In the distance, Flynt runs out of the church, but is struck down by Paleman, who takes the "new artifact". Vin offers the sword to his son, and he takes it - but instead of allying with his father, he stabs him through the chest. As Quinn runs off through the cornfield, Flynt runs to Vin's side as he dies. With most of The Clan wiped out, Paleman and Creator later meet near the church to discuss recent events and their next course of action. Displeased with Paleman's lack of progress, Creator severs ties with him, and departs. 

After the conflict ends, and both Creator and Paleman are killed, Flynt and Kick head to Torture Wobbler Church with several relics. After deciding that they'll honor The Clan and guard The Crumbs for years to come, Flynt and Kick head into the church and place Creator's Helmet in a dilapidated window. They also leave the device and Creator's Axe near the church as well.