The Unnamed Fifth Creepy Guy in the Woods Film, also known as Creepy Guy 5, is a potential project that would serve as the fifth installment in The Creepy Guy in the Woods Film Series. It would serve as a sequel to 2017's The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods. The film has yet to be confirmed, but it has been discussed by Scott Pincus and several cast members who have shown interest in making the project. Alex Fanelli, Austin Brinser and Zion Figueroa have all been approached about reprising their roles for the film. 


During the making of the fourth film, Scott spoke with several cast members about the possibility of making a fifth installment, especially given the fourth film's cliffhanger. Scott began brainstorming ideas for the project around the time that he finalized the fourth film's ending, where Zion meets with Alex and proposes a search to bring The Creepy Guy home. In September 2017, Scott spoke with Alex Fanelli and Austin Brinser, who played Alex and The Creepy Guy in the fourth film, about the possibility of a fifth installment. Both actors showed interest in the project. 

In October 2017, while speaking with Zion Figueroa about making Thrill of the Hunt, Scott discussed the prospect of a fifth film. Zion showed interest in returning for the project, though like the other actors he has not been confirmed. Eric Gorbaty, who played Eric in the fourth film, has not been contacted about reprising his role. 

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