The Machine of Munich III

Directed by

Scott Pincus

Written, Filmed and Edited by

Scott Pincus


Steven Rizzo

Josh Nedved

Josh Reiner

Will LaTorre

Scott Pincus

Release Date

May 2018


Bio-Builder Productions

Music by

Michael Giacchino

Running Time


The Unnamed Second Machine of Munich Sequel is the upcoming third and final installment in The Machine of Munich series. It will be the second sequel to The Machine of Munich, and the follow-up to The Trial of Munich: The Machine of Munich II, both of which were released in 2017. Unlike the first two films, the third installment will not serve as a German project for its cast members. Scott Pincus will return to write, direct, shoot and edit the film. 

Production for the project will likely commence around April 2018, at which point scriptwriting will commence. Josh Nedved, Steven Rizzo and Josh Reiner will return for the film, likely in new roles. Scott will reprise his role as Sketch Penzil, while Will LaTorre will make his debut. The film is set to be shot and released in May 2018; an exact release date has yet to be determined. 



With the release of The Trial of Munich: The Machine of Munich II in November 2017, the possibility arose for another film in the series, as Sketch Penzil survived the film's events once more. Initially, however, there was no confirmation or mention of a potential third installment. Over the next few months, Scott kept the main concepts of a third film in mind, though no major progress was made on the project. 

On February 2, 2018, the film was officially announced as the third and final installment in the series. The same day, Scott consulted with the original cast about the prospect of a third and final film in The Machine of Munich series. Josh Nedved and Steven Rizzo, who participated in the first two films, agreed to return for the third installment, as did Josh Reiner, who debuted in the second film. On February 3, Scott confirmed that filming for the project will likely take place in May 2018, and it will be released the same month. On February 16, Will LaTorre, a longtime friend of Scott's who had German class with him throughout high school, joined the film's cast. His role has yet to be disclosed.

On February 26, Scott confirmed that he will be reprising his role as Sketch Penzil, having played the character in the first two films. On March 29, Gabe Sagherian and Austin Brinser were added to the film's cast; it is unconfirmed as to whether or not Austin will reprise his role as Heinz Heineken. 


Filming for the project is set to take place in May 2018, and it will be completed and released that month. 


  • Will LaTorre, a longtime friend of Scott's, will make his debut in the film. Will acted in Scott's high school musicals for several years, and had a major role in the senior musical, The Addams Family. He also had German class with Scott and many of the other cast members. 
  • This will be the first film in the series not to be made as a German project for the cast members. Despite not being a German project, which would require the cast members to speak German, the film will still be spoken entirely or mostly in German to keep with the series' continuity.