Zeus's Recreational Thunderbolt is a short film directed, produced, written and edited by LordStarscream100. The film, which stars LordStarscream100, Mitchell P and Gabe S, was also a school project for LordStarscream100's and Mitchell's English class. The project had them creating a Greek infomercial advertising a product associated with Greek mythology. 

Mitchell P stars as Zeus, who is trying to order a new product known as the Recreational Thunderbolt from Jake from Greek Farms, who is played by Gabe S. Yet Poseidon, who is played by LordStarscream100, opposes the idea of the Thunderbolt being given to the public, as it would be a dangerous weapon. The film was released on February 17, 2014, although it was shot and presented back in late-September 2013.

The film was followed by an indirect sequel, titled Demeter's Oatlympians Endorsement


The short film opens with Zeus calling Jake from Greek Farms, acting as a parody to the "Jake from State Farms" commerical. Suddenly, Poseidon walks over and questions Zeus as to who he's calling. Zeus explains that he's calling Jake from Greek Farms, who soon appears from behind Poseidon, much to his surprise. Zeus and Jake reveal the Recreational Thunderbolt, a weapon created by Greek Farms that they'll be releasing to the public. Zeus claims that the Thunderbolt is as strong as if not stronger than his own Thunderbolt, which Poseidon disagrees with. 

Unsure of the safety of the product, Poseidon continuously cites the fact that people won't be able to use the Thunderbolt for constructive and harmless things. At one point, Jake shoots the Thunderbolt at Poseidon's feet, although he avoids the blast. After a brief debate, Zeus and Jake manage to convince Poseidon that even if the Thunderbolt isn't as good as Zeus's original one, it's still good for mortals. Jake then gives the audience the remaining pieces of information on the Thunderbolt, including its price and the fact that it is in limited quantity. 

The short-film ends with Jake allowing Poseidon to test out the Thunderbolt. He presses the button on the handle and shoots at the grass, starting a small fire in the process. Zeus tells him it would probably be good if he put it out, and Poseidon agrees and goes off to do so. 

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