Zion Jones
Shark Hunters
Portrayed by Zion J
Status Deceased
Appearances Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution
National Origin American US Flag
Nicknames N/A

Zion Quincy Jones, or simply Zion Jones, was a minor character in the film Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution. A member of the new Shark Hunters following Chase Landon's death, Zion fought against the corrupt InGen employees throughout 2016. Despite being a skilled fighter, victory was far beyond his reach, as the Shark Hunters were being overwhelmed, with Zion eventually meeting his demise at the hands of Rainer Koffman

Jurassic Shark IIIEdit

Zion is only given a brief appearance in Part 1 of the film, when Simon monologues about the deaths of the former Shark Hunters. His is the only one explicitly shown, where he gets into a gunfight with Rainer Koffman and three other employees, killing two of them before running out of ammunition and subsequently being executed by Rainer himself.

Zion later appears on handheld cards created by Simon Williams during a scene where the Separatist leader meets with Rainer. In Part 2 of the film, he appears on another set of cards given to Russell and Gabe by Nate Williams before his death at the hands of his own brother. 


  • Zion's scenes and actions were split up between Billy Trenton (Jacob D), and to a limited extent, Owen Hawkins (Ryan B) following the character's exclusion from the film. While the character was cut, his major points still remain in the movie, simply handed out to alternate characters. LordStarscream100 commented that while the loss of the character was "unfortunate", it gave allowed significantly more development to be applied to the other characters. The character was later re-implemented into the film after Zion J became available for filming, but his role was diminished to a cameo. 
  • Zion was set to be teased at the very end of Jurassic Shark II, standing beside Russell Griffin during his conversation with Gabe. As would apply in the future, Zion was unable to film due to complications, and he was replaced by Sean F, who is not planned to depict any character in LordStarscream100's future films. Sean F's character, however, made an appearance on Simon's handheld cards, confirming that he became a member of the Shark Hunters but was later killed.
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